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Dependable. Safe. Convenient.
Direct Transit, a subsidiary of Ray County Transportation, is a private, not-for-profit public transportation provider. Our fleet of vehicles regularly transport individuals to work, day care, medical appointments, shopping centers, beauty salons, weekly errands and much more.

We also provide transportation that meets community needs through our partner agencies:
  • Home Delivered Meals are delivered daily to Richmond, Orrick and Hardin.
  • Ideal Industries, Inc. contracts with us to provide transportation of the developmentally disabled.
  • Senior Center Transportation allows many of the area's seniors access to recreational and nutritional activities.
  • Job Access enables us to partner with area employers to help provide their employees with dependable transportation to and from the workplace.
  • Logisticare Solutions, another agency partner, enables us to provide non-emergency transportation for individuals enrolled in the Medicaid program. 
  • Head Start students receive daily, year-round transportation services. 
To schedule a ride, simply call us 24-hours in advance at 816-776-8058816-776-8058 or 1-888-776-80581-888-776-8058 FREE.

Passengers with disabilities may request modifications to current service procedures to access the service. To make a request, please call us at (816) 776-8058 or email us at Please submit requests at least the day before the trip.

ADA Compliant Form and Procedures (PDF 81 KB)
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